So Beautiful / Short Horror Film
This film was inspired by the 8mm films that were found in the horror movie Sinister. It started out as a social distance project that was originally going to be shot through FaceTime, but ended up growing into a larger project. The idea was to create a dark surreal found footage video where the viewer would start to realize its not quite what it seemed to be, instead opening a window into a small portion of what Limbo might look like as a repeating event this girl must live through for eternity.
It was shot in my basement with hand held shots and a tripod with a Canon 5D Mark 4. I edited all of it in Final Cut Pro and scored the film with Bitwig Studio. All of the sound effects were created from scratch using an old broken 1970's tape recorder which helped shape the noise beds with analog decay and hums
So Beautiful / Logo and art design
The logo was an Idea I had while at work with stacked lettering. The text was originally going to be a simple San Serif font, but after trying a few different styles, the final font choice I went with just seemed to work. Then using pieces from the font I tried to work on a border design that ended up complementing the logo and everything else just fell into place with utilizing still frames from the film to create posters and online promotion content.
So Beautiful / screen stills
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