No Road / Colored Version - Official music video and artwork for Snakes of Russia
[Snakes of Russia Band Camp]
Featuring Brook O'Neill, Jamie Becker and original music by Snakes of Russia.
I had originally reached out to Snakes of Russia to see if he had any unreleased tracks I could mess around with for a video project. He sent me "No Roads" and I was immediately inspired by it. I then reached out to a few friends that i work with regularly for the video project and started to piece together some ideas. The set was built and shot entirely in my basement. After the video was completed, I started working on art concepts for the release, and with additional feedback from the artist, we came up with these images. The project was created as a spit EP between Snakes of Russia and [CNJR] and is available on both of their Bandcamp pages.
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